Help, My Cow Needs Glucose

Did you know a cow can suffer from low blood sugar?

I never thought about it but was sort of surprised when a couple of ours were being treated.

I asked our amazing herdsman how and why.

If a cow has an injured foot, mastitis, pneumonia or any other ailment that would slow her down and prevent her from eating – that would be a good set up for low blood sugar. If she isn’t eating enough of a proper diet it could cause low blood sugar.

In a herd of 700 how do you find these cows? Well, our cows are all monitored when they come in the parlor and their milk output drastically dropped so the computer sorted them out. When that happened they were brought into the hospital pen area to examine and determine why.

The cows that have low sugar are wobbly, ears down and not looking good.

The urine was tested to determine the diagnosis.

We administered an IV of glucose and drenched them with sugar water. The sugar water is slowly absorbed to help wake up the liver – “say there liver get with it!”

They were treated for two days and were fine – these were considered as clinical low blood sugar.

There is such a thing as chronic - where cows don’t respond to the treatment because their brain just can’t communicate with the liver and get things back in sync. When the liver shuts down, the cow is done.



Domino's Pizza - Farmer's "David" in a Goliath World

Domino’s Pizza – a favorite that is even more favorite!

Finally, finally a food related business stepped up and stood beside farmers!

There is so much false, fear laden voices and outright lies about farming practices. And those voices have been the loudest with the biggest punch – but without any truth.

As a farmer, it gets harder and harder to do the good job we can do through technology and advances in our practices when ignorance shuts us down. Repeatedly companies are caving to the voices of unreason.

In fact, our feed company Cargill is one of the latest. I guess I should say our future, former feed company as we are in the process of pulling $300,000.00 + account from them. My Dear John, er I mean Dear Cargill blog will be soon coming.

Culver’s is another company that stands proudly with farmers but today, let’s concentrate on Dominos.

I had a conversation with our feed guy and told him the false, fake organizations that continue to lie and push their agenda around is like a Goliath. A giant to be slain. And, our farm is like a David trying to slay the giant. We are small and our account will do little to the company’s bottom line, but I want to be a David and fight and win the unexpected.

So, Dominos – thanks for being our David!

Thanks for acknowledging that farmers know how to farm better than activists. Farmers are giving their lives for their profession. Long hours, stressed relationships, exhaustion and joy – even in it all, yes joy is all part of the profession of farming.

Find a Domino’s. Order pizza. Lots and lots!

Dirt Jeans - The Real Deal - It$ a Deal!

I have finally found another avenue of income.

I shall gather all our muddy jeans and sell them on e-bay. 

And, ours will be higher quality.


Ours will be ORGANIC. They will be real. No artificial dirt. This is genuine farm dirt. And a bonus - there will be some poop, pee and grease mixed in. Cow poop, chicken crap, a few animal hairs too.

No hormones added and they may or may not be GMO free depending on where the jeans have wandered.

Oh, and then our added value will be the smell. You can't put a value on the smell. And you all know how horrible the fake scents are. They just never get it quite right.

So there you have it. Every "lazy, don't want to really work" person, you too can continue the guise of high fashion by purchasing our jeans. 

Even though we have the added value of smell our prices are competitive at $399.99 plus free shipping if you order before first cutting hay.

And, BONUS! For every 3 pair of jeans ordered we will throw in a FREE sweaty T-shirt that is the ultimate match to your poop/dirt covered jeans. The sweat smell is designed to blend perfectly with the poop smell of the jeans. You will be the envy of every "non-worker" you come in contact with.

So, order now before these go out of fashion.

And a sneek peek into the fashion world that's on the horizon - feed bag purses.

This Didn’t Have to Happen . . . But It Did . . . Now What?

Ever notice how sometimes your life has to adjust to other people’s actions? Dreams are ripped apart, family bonds break and friendships dissolve over what usually is a selfish act that didn’t need to happen.

A wife who was in a mix of friends who happened to be wealthy and “had their life all together” watched as one by one the friends were tweaked, nipped and tucked into perfection. Over and over her husband verbally admired her, loved on her and tried to reassure her insecurities of worth that was related to body image. On the guise of a girl’s week, she drained their bank account, headed south and had major plastic surgery performed. Meanwhile back home the automatic payment of their house and auto was denied. As the husband discovered the lack of funds, his health insurance called to say they hadn’t received their monthly payment for four months.

When the wife returned home later in the week she was physically miserable and didn’t see the results she had hoped for. Her husband who had been blindsided by the whole deal was trying to keep his balance.

A friend who farms with their sons had seen one by one the sons leave for other professions.  As she and her husband approached the later years where retirement needed to be planned for, one of their sons came back to the family farm to help. She was filled with joy that the family farm that started with her husband’s father would continue on another generation. Four years before this, her father-in-law passed and did not have an updated will. What they didn’t know was that a sister-in-law had a will drawn up naming her as the only person inheriting. That sister basically is holding them hostage by demanding a higher than fair price for the farm. Yes, they can walk away, but it’s not just a farm, it’s their life.

A mother took one last look and walked away from the cemetery. She left behind her daughter and unborn grandchild. She didn’t know if it was a granddaughter or grandson. “What difference does it make now?” she thought.

A teenager six miles away lay in bed unable to sleep for four days. She never wants to pick up a phone again.

We all have those “this didn’t have to happen . . . but did” moments. They suck. They hurt and many times they are life changing. There is one thing all the moments have. A choice. All these moments are faced with a choice of “what now.”

The “what now” moments can be a turning point – it can pivot us to the dark side and give up or to the dig in side. Stand up and move forward.

I’ve stood at the “what now” mark in life more times than I wanted and will probably again some time. After going through a few, I am determining ahead of time that my move will be forward. Some of our “didn’t have to happen” events take a lot to get over. It sucks our live right out of us, knocks our knees out from under us and hangs a heavy cloud over us. Even then, we have a choice.

What has worked for me is to find a place to grieve. Be it crying your eyes out, screaming into a pillow, writing a letter to the offender and then ripping it up – just let the pain out.  Then wait. Your emotions are raw, your body is tired and your brain is swollen with facts, emotions, dreams, truths – all mixed together to the point you may not be able to divide.

If you believe in the power of prayer, then use it. There are times when you need to call in reinforcements to pray for you and over you. Reach out and ask for help.

If the offending person is in your life and you have no choice of removing that person from your day to day experiences then distance yourself for a time. You need time to forgive that person. You don’t have to forget. In fact, if it’s a repeating offender it is wise to remember and move forward with protection in place for another “event” to take place. But, you HAVE to forgive them. Jesus said “Seventy times seven.”

So, if you are in a “what now” place of life, make the choice.

Praise God anyway.

One step at a time.

Move forward.

Don’t stop now.

Do the next thing.

Purpose to overcome.

Don’t let ANYONE take hostage of your life.




Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is a very special day – my dad’s 87th birthday.

How is it that I was chosen to have him as my father? I’m not sure how God decides but I am so grateful I was chosen to be his daughter.

From the very beginning my dad has been a big presence in my life. I remember “helping” him when he was building our home. He built my childhood home just about single handedly. And, it’s wonderful to be able to come home to that same house.

I remember him helping me to ride a bike. I learned to plant sweet corn with him. When we went fishing up north it wasn’t “we” that fished. It was me – he was continually baiting my hook, removing a fish or untangling my line.

On Sunday mornings before church we used to kneel and pray in the living room. I remember liking to be by his side.

He took me to piano lessons – which I totally felt was a waste of time.

He spent a lot of time building the church we went to. It was fun to see behind the scenes as the building was going up.

He was by my side at church when I accepted Christ and when I was accepted by my husband.

Growing up he always stopped in at bedtime and sat on the edge of the bed and told me how much he loved me.

Never do we say good-bye in person or on the phone without me hearing "I love you and I'm so proud of you."

My dad has been involved in my life and I love him so much.


Now, he’s also my kids’ Grampa. And all my boys are drawn to him and will sit and listen to his stories of how he grew up etc.

My dad is tough – he just went through a year of medical treatments that were discouraging, time consuming and limited his involvement in life. He made it through fine.

And, all of this is a result in his relationship with God. That has always been the plumb line in our family.

Over and over again, my dad pointed out how God was working things out and that his Presence was responsible for all.

So, I want to wish my wonderful father a Happy Birthday, tell the world how great he is and I pray you all have a father or father figure in your life as wonderful as I do.


Who Will Stand with Farmers?

So, another company has caved to the Non-GMO hysteria. A large feed company that we happen to purchase product from has partnered with the Non-GMO Project. Disappointing for us farmers to say the least.

There is a candy company that won’t use GMO sugar beets any longer.

A milk company contemplating using milk from cows fed only non-GMO feed.


Because the squeaky wheel has stomped their foot, thrown a temper tantrum and companies are giving in instead of standing their ground on scientific information. I guess it is easier to give in and more profitable for them.

Us farmers? Not so much.

I won’t take the time to educate about GMOs. There’s plenty of great information out there that too many people are overlooking.

Here are three sites that explain it better than I could.

The reason for my blog is to ask – How and when will companies stand up, speak up, hold up and support agriculture that chooses to use modern, safe technology?

Many, me included have sung the song, “We need to share our story, let our voices be heard, tell the truth. We are our best advertisement.” And I still agree with that.

But –

It’s time for those who are supposed to be working with us farmers to stand with us. Defend us – speak the truth about GMOs and not submit to the pressures of specialty groups, so called food experts and the hysteria that follows them.

If this nonsense of surrendering to ignorance and fear keeps up, we are quickly heading in the direction of unaffordable food. Right now we have the most affordable and safe food source around.

So what do you say – Seed companies, Feed companies, Co-ops, Mills, Processors, Producers, Implement Dealers – any and all companies that are part of the agriculture world.

Can and will we farmers hear your voices with us?

For the general public reading this – please take the time to read the links about the GMOs. Having your voices added to ours will make a more powerful chorus to be sung.




Kitty Litter, Kardashians and the Absurdity of it All

Last night I walked past the kitty litter box and saw a big turd laying there uncovered by litter and thought “How gross”!!!

How is it we keep critters in our house and give them boxes to poop in? And it doesn’t stop there. We hand clean the poop out of the box, ad more litter so they can poop some more and so on and so on. All inside our nice clean houses!

Don’t get me wrong I love my cat but the disgustinglyness (yes, a new word I created) of it all smacked me in the face.

I was pondering this as I lay in bed trying to lull myself to sleep by watching meaningless TV. Thus, the Kardashians.

I don’t follow their program, but hear about them on the news etc. But, it was chosen as the boring, help me fall asleep program for the night.

Wrong choice.

On this program, they were packing to go to Paris.

Did you know it takes several people and multiple clothes racks full of clothes to ready for your trip?

And then there’s hair and make-up people, stylists, assistants and assistants to the assistants and on it goes.

Other people design and furnish their homes. I’ve never seen them clean house or cook.

And, then it dawned on me.

My cat - I feed her– she doesn’t have to hunt, gather or cook her food.

I brush her hair and remove any unsightly clumps.

I’m her stylist. I purchased her bed – pretty pink and soft – which she peed on. Apparently, not to her liking.

I clean her home – especially her toilet – she’s never, ever once cleaned up after herself.


I have a Kardashian Kat.

Hmmm, wonder if Ryan Seacrest would be interested in a new genre of a reality show.







Do You Suffer From OCRR?

“You really should”. I heard the voice say.

I rolled over and it was there again. “You really should.”

Arghhhhh! Why. Can’t. I. Silence. It?

I was exhausted. It was around 4:00 pm and all I wanted to do was take a quick 20-minute nap. But, the VOICE, wouldn’t let me. This time it was “You really should get payroll done. And the bills need to be taken care of.”

Payroll needed to be done by the next day – not in the next hour. So, there was time to get it done before the deadline.

I suffer from OCRR – Out of Control Responsibility Rash. The rash is just under the skin so it doesn’t show but it’s there and it’s itchy, relentless and drives you batty.

I was born with it. I think first borns are afflicted more than others but clearly not all first borns have it. It’s a medical mystery.

Wondering what the symptoms are or if you or a loved one suffers from this?

Some examples of this disease:

1.     You’re walking behind someone – usually a woman and her shirt/dress is unzipped a few inches from the top. Clearly not on purpose. 
     You hear “You really should zip that up for her. She doesn’t know it and you’d want someone to do that for you.” You squirm and wrestle with yourself a little. After a little scratching, you walk up and whisper in her ear as you are zipping her up. “Your zipper was down and I thought you’d want it fixed.”

2.     You’re at the store and see a mom juggling a newborn and toddler with a full cart of groceries.
     You hear “You really should offer to hold the baby or talk with the toddler so she can pay for her groceries.” Years ago, that would be acceptable. Now, the toddler may start screaming “stranger danger” or a can of pepper spray may come flying out of her diaper bag.

3.     When entertaining at your home you want to be sure everyone has what they need and desire.
     You hear “You need to check to see if they want more dessert, another cup of coffee, a clean napkin . . .” Your poor guests can hardly get a bite without your rash driving you into action – jumping up every two-minute offering more of this or fresh of that. Their necks are getting tired trying to follow you around the room while carrying on a conversation.

4.     You see paper on the ground or a grocery cart out in the middle of the parking lot.
     You hear “You need to get that cart before it runs into a car and throw away the paper – it’s just the right thing to do.” And, this itch is mild and I usually don’t mind it. In fact, if I scratch this one it seems it goes away quickly and doesn’t come back as quickly as if I tried to ignore it.

5.     Now there are some extremely annoying attacks that you have to grit your teach and don’t scratch. For instance – you see a young man with pants that has a waistline hanging down to his knees.
     You hear “You really should go pull his pants up. What if he trips, his mom must be so embarrassed.” By all means, use your rescue inhaler and take a few pills to stop this attack immediately. The risk of being pummeled is far greater than resolving the problem.

6.     You hear someone being verbally attacked. A small child by an adult, between two young kids, or a man and a woman.
      You hear “You really should step in.” Here’s the tricky part. When the person can’t defend him/herself start scratching and with the calmness of calamine lotion speak up. If your rash escalates to hives because you feel danger then one sure remedy is to dial 911 or find an authority figure at the premises.

7.     You see the sad puppy commercial with the music that tears your heart out.
       You hear “You really should call in and help those poor critters out. For only a few $$ a day you can make a difference.” This is the most hideous attack of all. Total false information, false guilt and false everything. These groups prey on emotions and use the money on the organization. Several of these only contribute 1 cent to each dollar towards animals. You MUST, MUST, MUST strip yourself of all symptoms of OCRR when these commercials air. One good way is to go out and buy a bag of dog food and take it to your LOCAL humane society and donate it.

I have struggled with You Really Should Do Something (or better known as Out of Control Responsibility Rash – OCRR) for years.

Being involved with a very legalistic spiritual environment for years did nothing but feed the illness. Over the years, I was exposed to the truth that my worth comes from who I am – not what I do.

And, knowing I’m God’s kid and that he loves me as much whether I’m saving the world or laying on the couch is helping me overcome OCRR.

Like any illness, it can come back. I just must be aware and take action against it.

So, if any of these symptoms haunt you, there is hope. You too can overcome this illness.


Fires in Kansas - Does it Affect You?


We didn’t know there were fires.

Those are the statements I am receiving from my local news after sharing links such as this.

It saddens me that these fires that are ripping lives apart are not making the news. I will bet that if a well know celebrity had a house fire the whole world would hear about it.

So, I decided to bring it to the attention of my local news on their face book pages. I had some good responses and informed a few who were sympathetic to this horrific news.

At least some.

This is the remark left by one reader: um, because it's in Kansas? you've posted this link on a TV station in Grand Rapids, MI -- just an fyi

It’s a good thing I have learned to restrain myself.

This was my response: Yes I know I posted in Grand Rapids but I feel like we all should know what's going on out there since we all depend on farmers. Also there may be some people here who might like to help them out.

 Anyway, this got me thinking. Most people have no idea how this is all connected to each of us. As a blogger I keep trying to show and tell farm life and how it all works.

Way too many of us pay little or no attention to how much agriculture plays in our life. Many people have a romantic idea of farm life. Milk a few cows, bale some hay, gather eggs and slop the hogs. Once those simple chores are done we all go in and have a big belly busting dinner.

Simple fact: People do not know what they do not know.

It’s up to farmers to speak, show and tell how, why, when and what happens on the farm.

I have a friend who is a beef farmer in Kansas. Thankfully they have escaped the fires but have an insight to how this will affect us all.

The beef we raise here in Kansas winds up on dinner plates in every nook and cranny of the entire US...including Grand Rapids Michigan. So yeah it will have an effect on everyone who eats beef. Cattle prices on the board of trade jumped a dollar and a half per hundred today...could potentially raise the price of beef in the stores.

For anyone reading this that is not a farmer I ask that you become curious enough to look for avenues to learn more about how your food is grown. And please, please, please get it from someone who does it for a living. I guarantee you a farmer will know much more about farming practices than any specialty group spokesperson or celebrity that happens to have a food related opinion. That’s what it is, an opinion.

If you have any inkling of a desire to help, please read this. There are many places to send donations.

We are all in this – LIFE – together so let’s work together, care together, serve together, love together and make this a better place together.