Harvest Brings New Energy


Harvest is around the corner for us.

We should be in full swing but everything is weeks behind due to the weather.

It feels like we’ve fought against Mother Nature all year long and shortly we will see who won.

Will we have enough feed for our cows? How much will we have to buy to get through to next year where we hope to have a better season?

We always get a little surge of energy at this time. Maybe it’s like a runner rounding the last bend and he can see the finish line. The weird thing is, for farmers there is never a finish line – at least for dairy farmers. It’s ongoing. Never stops. It just changes in the activities and demands.


There is a good feeling that comes with harvest. A satisfaction fills you as you watch the chopper chew up the corn stalks for silage. And watching the corn kernels flow from the combine into the grain truck can be mesmerizing. 


And, the colors – oh the beautiful earthy colors. The amazement of traveling through a corn field when in a flash it comes to life in a form of a big buck that was camouflaged just a second ago.


The fall leaves that decorate the trees that border the fields give a reward every time to get to the end and turn around.

The air just smells different.

The coolness of the mornings calls for sweatshirts or jackets compared to starting the day off sticky and sleeveless.



Along with all this there will be tractors and farm machinery sharing the roads a little more than usual. Please, please be careful and respectful when driving near and behind. You can’t be seen and we can’t stop on a dime. Give us a wide berth and extra time. We all want to go home at the end of the day.


Happy Fall Ya’ll!