Fourty Five Years Ago Today, Around 9:00 am . . .


45 years ago, today, around 9:00 am God opened the door for me to fulfil my purpose in life. 

45 years ago, today, around 9:00 am God gave me my first *son.

45 years ago, today, around 9:00 am I started on the journey of raising four amazing, Godly, strong, yet, gentle men.

My sons have the perfect blend of strength, courage, determination, toughness, tenderness and joy.

They have won trophy’s for baseball, football, and medals in wrestling. They can carry a gun effectively yet cradle a babe with love softer than a cashmere blanket.

When they were younger I was Matt’s mom, Dan’s, Ben’s or Zack’s mom. I am still proud to be known as that.

They will go out of their way to help yet sit back just waiting for the practical joke to play out in front of their eyes.

They laugh hard, play hard and will argue to the death over their passions. They are all hungry to learn and experience life.

If there was a “do over” button where I could go back and do something again it would start on this day 45 years ago. I’ve never been happier, more fulfilled than when I was raising my sons. I had a purpose – to raise strong men that treated all kindly. To teach them to seek God. To see his miracles daily, not to take anything for granted. To know they were valuable for who they were, not what they did. I wanted them to know they had a responsibility to strive for excellence – not perfection. To know they had things within them that no other person did. That God had a purpose, a destiny designed for them and them alone.

They open doors, give up their seats for women and those who need the seat. They remove their hats when the National Anthem is played. They shake hands with strength while looking that person in the eyes. They stop along the roadside to help when it is needed and supply Christmas gifts to a family that wouldn’t have any without help.

They are appreciative. They speak “thank you”, “I love you” and my favorite “that was so good mom” after our family dinners.

They cajole me, egg me on, make fun of me, tease me and tolerate me daily. If I am ever in need there are no others I would want to come to my defense. And if you’re the problem, look out.

I never had a desire to become someone great. My desire was to raise sons that would be. In my eyes there are no other men that fit the bill as being great in my eyes.

45 years ago, today, around 9:00am God opened the doors for my destiny to begin.

Thank you God for 45 years and counting of enjoying the desires of my heart.


*Happy Birthday to my most favorite Number One Son. You were the beginning of my favorite position on earth. Love you more than you will ever know.