Nebraska Bound - Installation 3


We all arrived at the same time to our hotel last night. We rolled in about 12:15am Nebraska time. We had a good chunk of time that we waited for all the stragglers (there were a few issues amongst the vehicles) but we arrived together. 


It was a quick sleep. We were treated to breakfast from someone who donated money to go towards a meal for us all. So, we got off this morning with full bellies.

Now onto the full hearts.

This whole effort is a continuous moving machine.


Our first recipients met us at the hotel because the trucks couldn’t get to their farm because of road conditions. We loaded pig fencing and posts. Then part of our group went with a semi load of straw to another location where the straw was stacked for later dispersal from the farmers.


This family lost 700 hogs. Within 30 minutes the water went from ankle deep to above knee level. Previously the highest the water ever reached was about 4 inches. Their farm is about 1.5 miles from the river. The land flooded past 2 miles from the river.

By the time it was said and done the water level was above 7 feet. They attempted getting pigs out but only were able to save about 15. Thankfully, the day before they moved their cattle to another farm.

Once the water receded they had a rendering company come in and they loaded 2 semis full of dead pigs.


We had a couple of women come and take Easter baskets that would be handed out. They were extensions of us.

Eventually, we headed to Schuyler. This small town was hard hit.

We had a police escort . . .

IMG_7302 2.JPG

and a celebrity.


We could see some lasting effects from the flood. The railroads are being rebuilt or repaired.

IMG_7321 2.JPG

We met in a parking lot and some of the farmers and ranchers brought vehicles to transport things home. Some farms couldn’t be accessed.

There were more tears and more grateful hearts.

Over and over we hear “We never thought anything like this would happen here.”

There have been some that don’t want to take cash that was designated. One young man was just about forced to take the money. He was in tears. Farmers are really good at giving. Receiving, not so much.


When we were in Schuyler we were treated  like kings. There was enough pizza, cookies, desserts and water for an army. They were so kind.

It is now around 2:00 PM and we are still unloading supplies. Once this is done, then on to some individual farms and then to Columbus.

There are a few consistencies here.

1.     Farmers and Ranchers are tough.

2.     Farmers and Ranchers are full of hope.

3.     These Farmers and Ranchers will carry on.

Life will be different. Life will go on.

Anyone who eats, wears clothing, has furniture, medication, etc. should be grateful.

Stay tuned for future installations.

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