Nebraska Bound - Installation 2


To drink or not to drink? That is the question. 


I’m sitting here at the World’s largest truck stop with my Taco Bell and a Coke. I purchased the Coke for the caffeine – trying to ward off a migraine.

But, my dilemma is – drinking Coke might kill the headache but the intake of a liquid beverage will result in dispersal later. And, once again, I’m not convinced I’m on the same schedule has the head dispersaler.

We have just entered Iowa. We’ve snacked ourselves through three states and we are now waiting for some of the others to catch up.

We’ve had a few issues – flat tire, straps coming undone, had to transfer some of the load of one to another and something about a wheel stud (please realize I know nothing about this and for those on the trip if you’re reading, feel free to correct in the comments.)

But like a flock of startled birds that fly off in every direction they all swoop back around and land together. Thus, we are in the swooping mode.

What better place than this. So many food choices and so many “items we don’t need” choices.

All in all, I think we’ve been doing pretty well, but this is my first and hopefully all of ours’s last time doing this.

I think the Coke is going to win out and I’m going undercover to discover who the head dispersaler is and buy them lots to drink.

Stay tuned for future adventures.