Observations from the Homefront


I could, if I chose to, rip someone apart with words. I am good at words and while I try to be kind – and I do fail at times – inside I’m pulverizing them.

This whole social media and the world in general is just plain going nuts. The “feelings” the “entitlements” are so loud they drown out common sense and sometimes just plain truth.

Here are a gathering of things I’ve been storing away in my “trying to understand” box. These may or may not reflect you – there are so many sources I’ve used. Such as face book, internet articles, TV, radio, so called news sources, family, friends and the guy in the grocery line in front of me.

-       I can disagree with you, your religion, your thought process without “hating” you. I can even dislike you but still care about you as a person. When and why did agreeing 100% with me, my thoughts and opinions become the “have to be” or you are a cruel, evil person?

-       We all are allowed our opinions – but opinions aren’t always the truth, correct or even necessary.

-       Being tolerant is something that is thrown around for convenience sake at time. And, for some, tolerance only goes one way.

-       Having an open mind doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with the next person. And, an open mind works better with a closed mouth. It’s easier to hear the other person if we aren’t talking at the same time.

-       You don’t need to be the “disagreeing” cop. There doesn’t have to be an opposing view on every. single. topic.

-       When you are taking a tolerant disagreeable stance, do so tolerably and peacefully. Antagonism isn’t pretty on you or anyone else.

-       When you lump me into any group – whether it be woman, Christian, conservative, mother, white, or whatever, you’ve lost credibility with me. If you don’t see me as an individual that is able to make my own decisions and live my life my way, then your voice becomes an annoying sound.

-       My experiences are different than yours. My history is different than yours. That makes us different – not right or wrong necessarily.

-       If you travel through your days without regularly reassessing and even heaven forbid say “I was wrong”, “now I see how you would think that way”, or “I should find out more about that”, then you need to re-evaluate your trip.

-       Someone younger than you can be wiser than you. And, an older voice does hold great value even if you don’t want to consider hearing that voice.

-       When reading or listening, consider the source. Many, many times (especially in the ag world) the source has an agenda. The agenda usually is backed up with money and is several layers deep. It’s there nonetheless.

-       Sometimes you need to type your response out on a separate program, let it sit for a few minutes, reread it before you hit send. Instant communication is not always a blessing. Too often the emotions run the mouth and the brain is totally left out.

Bottom line – we are more alike than we are different. The different is just louder.
      We all bleed blood.
      We all love someone somewhere.
      We all have been hurt along the way.
      We all have good and evil within us.
      We all choose our words and actions.
      We all are responsible for ourselves and for the most part no one else.
      We all could do better.

When, not if,  another horrible incident like 9-11 happens again I will guarantee you we will come together. We are better than we are acting. The problem is the way we are acting is weakening us. The more divided we are the less we will be able to fight together. 

I think it would be good for us to all step back, take a breath and try to see the other person through different eyes. Let’s put down the magnifying glass and pick up our prescription glasses. The ones that are prescribed with love, joy, compassion and caring.

I see you. Do you see me?