Oops We Did It Again - Part 2

Part Two

These guys were so impressed with all the pockets they have. They were counting them to see who had the most.

Action shot with Son #1, Farmer and Chloe.

Not only is Greg a photographer he's "tractor driver" extraordinaire!

Meanwhile at the trailer these guys wait for the tractor to enhance the shot.

Greg is showing the oldest grand how to carry the bag of feed, where and how to step. You'd think a 16 year old would know how to do that. 


Time for lunch - catered in by Panera Bread. We all ate extra because we felt we needed the calories to keep us warm. The temperature kept falling all day.

Another round of preparation. Once again this was hidden under the hat. Our make-up/hair stylist likes to do this kind of hair. She did a great job.

Another make-up session.

Two sons chatting. Comparing something on their phones. I always like to see my sons together.

Mountain man Son #3.

Getting set up for another action shot. The idea is they all walk together towards the camera while Greg gets just the right picture.

The tractor was added to enhance - nice touch I think. Then Greg was at it again, teaching how to walk. Control issues? They did this over and over and over again. At one point after the walkers reached Greg, he declared "Perfect!" Son #1 replied "but do it again." Greg answered "Yes."  

Also,  Tracie - who was the force behind all of this had them walk part way then she would holler "Laugh . . . Laugh . . . Laugh." Also each person was assigned a certain person to look at and etc. She really knows what she is doing.

Son #4 warming up our littlest wigglie - his second son.


Getting ready for another group.

Farmer - the "Thinker"

All set up and a few shots taken . . . but let's do this

switch a few around . . . but we aren't done yet.

Let's add the tractor and Chloe. See her peeking out by the tractor wheel? Son #2 the dog whisperer.

Treats for a job well done.

Chloe had a few solo shots - look out Lassie.

Farmer and Son #3. "I just love it when he uses his hands when he talks" said Greg. For us at home, we just make fun of him - especially when he does it while on the phone.

Two daughters-in-law. 

Meanwhile these three wigglies were inside the barn that the girls were in front of. Farmer was in charge of them - first mistake. A few minutes after I went back out the three wigglies came busting through the door behind the girls right into the photo shot. Good job Gramps.

A few more out by the wood pile. "Head on over to the wood pile" took on a whole new meaning.

Finally, something INSIDE the barn - at least partially. The wind was kicking up while the temps continued to fall. 

Greg has magical powers - he told them to all look to the left and even Chloe did as told.

Well, Greg had a little help with that one.

A few more shots of Chloe alone.

Finally, last shot of the day. Son #2 and wife walking with Chloe.

I have not been that cold in a long time But, as a testament to the TSC clothing they were all toasty warm.  

We feel blessed to have had the chance to do this again with such great people. It was worth the kids missing school - shhhhhhh don't tell where they were.

Greg, Renee, Tracie and Jeff 

These are the four that made our good day great.

In honor of Greg - "Now look to the right!"

To humor Tracie - "Laugh!"