Oops We Did It Again - Part 1

We had the privilege of being models for Tractor Supply Company again. We were in their store ads, flyers and on-line ads the fall and winter of 2013.

You can read about that experience here: http://www.afarmwife.com/2013/08/lights-camera-action.html.

The first time we (and I need to clarify - not me, I don't do photos. The rest of my family is the we.) wore Carhartts and winter clothing in August in 80+ degree weather.

Apparently TSC or we are extremists because this time the temps were freaking freezing! And damp and drizzly at times - before the snow hit.

I thought I'd give you another look behind the scenes. We had a wonderful time and hope they decide to come back to Michigan so we can hang out with them again.

The farm that was used has been turned into a riding stable/training facility. It was so cold outside we were grateful for the comforts of the barn. In 2013 everything was done outside - hair, make-up, wardrobe changing.


A tack room was the make-up room.

This wiggliette was pretty in pink. And the pink was pretty big on her.

This little dude had his new coat on and was checking out the horses sharing our dressing room.

The barn had a nice big area for the wigglies to kick up their feet and fill their shoes with sand.

Son # 4 - one of the first to have his make-up done. One of the guys favorite parts!

Farmer keeping the wigglies busy while waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

Pretty in pink getting her hair done. It was a shame it was hidden under a hat.

Littlest wigglie dressed for action.

Farmer and the photographer adjusting the flag for photos that would be taken later.

First family heading out.

This is Greg Latza. He is an amazing photographer, an upstanding guy and lots of fun to be around. You can check out his website and view his great photography and more at: http://www.greglatza.com

First round of pictures for the day. A lot of action pictures.

The three oldest dudes waiting to change.

Some more arrivals checking out their dressing room companions.

Son #2 brought Chloe and they did a few laps around the farm to get her energy level down.

Back at the wood pile . . . it was just the wigglies. You can see how large the coat is on Pretty in Pink.

Back at the flag.

Watching the action at the flag. Some were waiting their turn for wardrobe and make-up.

Greg - sitting around on the job.

Time for wardrobe.

 Greg has been reduced to laying down on the job.


Son #2 giving Chloe direction.

Posing with the ponies.

Farmer, Son #1 and sons with the old Farmall - wonder who was older?

This was the first half of our adventure. 

Stay tuned for part two.