Who Will Stand with Farmers?

So, another company has caved to the Non-GMO hysteria. A large feed company that we happen to purchase product from has partnered with the Non-GMO Project. Disappointing for us farmers to say the least.

There is a candy company that won’t use GMO sugar beets any longer.

A milk company contemplating using milk from cows fed only non-GMO feed.


Because the squeaky wheel has stomped their foot, thrown a temper tantrum and companies are giving in instead of standing their ground on scientific information. I guess it is easier to give in and more profitable for them.

Us farmers? Not so much.

I won’t take the time to educate about GMOs. There’s plenty of great information out there that too many people are overlooking.

Here are three sites that explain it better than I could.




The reason for my blog is to ask – How and when will companies stand up, speak up, hold up and support agriculture that chooses to use modern, safe technology?

Many, me included have sung the song, “We need to share our story, let our voices be heard, tell the truth. We are our best advertisement.” And I still agree with that.

But –

It’s time for those who are supposed to be working with us farmers to stand with us. Defend us – speak the truth about GMOs and not submit to the pressures of specialty groups, so called food experts and the hysteria that follows them.

If this nonsense of surrendering to ignorance and fear keeps up, we are quickly heading in the direction of unaffordable food. Right now we have the most affordable and safe food source around.

So what do you say – Seed companies, Feed companies, Co-ops, Mills, Processors, Producers, Implement Dealers – any and all companies that are part of the agriculture world.

Can and will we farmers hear your voices with us?

For the general public reading this – please take the time to read the links about the GMOs. Having your voices added to ours will make a more powerful chorus to be sung.