Kitty Litter, Kardashians and the Absurdity of it All

Last night I walked past the kitty litter box and saw a big turd laying there uncovered by litter and thought “How gross”!!!

How is it we keep critters in our house and give them boxes to poop in? And it doesn’t stop there. We hand clean the poop out of the box, ad more litter so they can poop some more and so on and so on. All inside our nice clean houses!

Don’t get me wrong I love my cat but the disgustinglyness (yes, a new word I created) of it all smacked me in the face.

I was pondering this as I lay in bed trying to lull myself to sleep by watching meaningless TV. Thus, the Kardashians.

I don’t follow their program, but hear about them on the news etc. But, it was chosen as the boring, help me fall asleep program for the night.

Wrong choice.

On this program, they were packing to go to Paris.

Did you know it takes several people and multiple clothes racks full of clothes to ready for your trip?

And then there’s hair and make-up people, stylists, assistants and assistants to the assistants and on it goes.

Other people design and furnish their homes. I’ve never seen them clean house or cook.

And, then it dawned on me.

My cat - I feed her– she doesn’t have to hunt, gather or cook her food.

I brush her hair and remove any unsightly clumps.

I’m her stylist. I purchased her bed – pretty pink and soft – which she peed on. Apparently, not to her liking.

I clean her home – especially her toilet – she’s never, ever once cleaned up after herself.


I have a Kardashian Kat.

Hmmm, wonder if Ryan Seacrest would be interested in a new genre of a reality show.