Stir Fry Chicken, Veggies and Pasta


This is delish! It has everything you want in a meal. Chicken,
veggies and pasta! And, it's so easy.


Cut up veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, green
peppers and onion.


Stir fry the chicken until cooked - make sure the pink is gone.
Salt and pepper to taste.


While the chicken is cooking boil 1/2 pound of spaghetti - don't


Add the can of chicken broth and veggies to chicken. Add 2 T
lemon juice to veggies and chicken. Bring to boil. Mix 3 T soy
sauce with 3 t cornstarch. Add the soy and cornstarch mixture
to thicken the broth.


Serve over pasta. Dig in, fill up and say Ahhhhh. Everything
you could want in a meal.

Pulled Pork - Easy Style


I try to take food to the guys at the barn about once a week. I
can end up feeding some of them daily in the fields just to keep
things going, but I also try to do this for our milkers. This is so
easy and is so yummy.
The night before you want your pulled pork or 6 - 8 hours
before you want to serve it, place a pork roast in the crock pot.
Salt and pepper. Add about an inch of water, cover and put on
low. Snuggle into your comfy bed and forget about it until
It will be fall apart, fork tender in the morning.


Take out of crock pot and pull apart the pork.
In another bowl mix Bar-B-Q sauce with root beer. Pour over the
pulled pork, mix together and put back into crock pot on low.


I take it to the barn and put it on low in the lunchroom. The
guys help themselves. This is so easy, yet so so good.

Oven Swiss Steak

This is a Sunday Dinner Favorite and easy to make. I don't
measure ingredients so I will do my best to give you amounts to use. Also the pictures are from my family which feeds about 16.
The recipe I'm giving is for a smaller family.


Pre-heat oven to 350.


Cut sirloin steak into serving sizes.


Mix 1 C flour, 1 T dry mustard and salt and pepper.


Coat your pieces of meat with the flour mixture.


Brown in a pan with a little oil. You aren't cooking the meat,
just browning it.


Place into a roasting pan - keep in mind this is for my family of


Mix 1 16ou. can of stewed tomatoes, 1 tsp. beef bouillon, 1 1/2 C
hot water, 1 T Worcestershire sauce, 3 T brown sugar and 3 - 5
carrots cut in bite sized pieces. I just use the baby carrots and
throw them in whole.

Mix it all together.


Dump it into the pan with meat and stir it - basically you are
making room for the liquid to get down in between the meat pieces.


Bake covered at 350 for about 2 - 3 hours.


I separate the meat from the rest of the ingredients. Serve with
mashed potatoes. The liquid has thickened from the flour
coating on the meat and makes a great topping for your
I bet this will become one of your favorites.