Pulled Pork - Easy Style


I try to take food to the guys at the barn about once a week. I
can end up feeding some of them daily in the fields just to keep
things going, but I also try to do this for our milkers. This is so
easy and is so yummy.
The night before you want your pulled pork or 6 - 8 hours
before you want to serve it, place a pork roast in the crock pot.
Salt and pepper. Add about an inch of water, cover and put on
low. Snuggle into your comfy bed and forget about it until
It will be fall apart, fork tender in the morning.


Take out of crock pot and pull apart the pork.
In another bowl mix Bar-B-Q sauce with root beer. Pour over the
pulled pork, mix together and put back into crock pot on low.


I take it to the barn and put it on low in the lunchroom. The
guys help themselves. This is so easy, yet so so good.