Walk Around the Farm


I thought I would take a stroll around the farm tonight and decided to bring you along.

These wagons are just itching to go - if only the weather would cooperate.


Supper time - which is most of the time.


A couple of newbies.


I saw her when I was mowing lawn a week ago and wanted to get up close for a picture. She was in the close up pen and I climbed down from the feed bunk and ticked off a bunch of others to get to her. I really like her markings.


These gals are just coming back from milking. The alleys are scraped and feed is on their table.


My daughter-in-law does a great job with the flowers.


While I was there tonight I snuck up on one of our awesome employees. He never saw me but I watched him. He was moving the cattle around and was walking calmly behind them - no yelling, no drama - just quietly moving them from behind.


One of my famous selfies - a kiss from one of my girls.