Come Out of the Shadows


I write.


I’m not sure, I just do.

For whatever reason, I write about feelings, emotions, personal issues. Sometimes the things people want to hide.

When crap happens, I want to show it. When things are hard and the outcome is unclear I want to reveal it. When a mistake is made I want to share it.

Why? Because we don’t live in a perfect world. So many are “perfecting” their lives, their pictures, their marriages, their professions, etc. in every way.

They “perfectly” speak about it, they stage “perfect” pictures for it, they create an unattainable “perfect” life.

Don’t get me wrong . . . when something good, great and Godly happens I’ll be the first to write about it – even that is discouraged by some. Some would say that is bragging. Baloney!

Sometimes truth is fun, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it sucks.

Being real and honest about feelings brings condemnation – if you’re really a Christian you would have more faith than that when writing about doubt and fear. Sorry to deflate your “spiritual bubble” but there is a whole lot written about a guy named Thomas – that we have coined a well know phrase about = Doubting Thomas.

Opening your world to the ugly things also brings criticism – you sell your cows to be butchered just because they don’t give enough milk? Yes, yes we do. It’s never an easy decision and it can hurt our hearts as well. But, we are running a business and business decisions have a lot of rough edges. Also, cows are a food source – they make milk and they bring meat to the table. They have a purpose and some don’t like it.

Sharing your confusion brings judgement – you should never ever have those questions. How dare you ask about that when you have never walked in their shoes or lived their lives. I ask, how can I ever understand those who are different than me if I don’t ask?

Real equates to emotions many try to hide or shove down because those emotions strip you of self-control. The last thing many want is to lose control.

For you who don’t want to lose control, I have a suggestion. Go sit in a corner and loose it. Cry your heart out, look at the ugly you’re trying to hide – there is probably something beautiful underneath all that “perfectly fake” you are hiding behind.

This world that is hiding in shadows and under layers of camouflage needs more of those who are willing to strip it off and stand naked in the light to show their faults. It will help us all when we look in the mirror and see our ugly.