Faith Fulfilled - This Time


As I drive around some of our property I am amazed at what I see. This corn field is looking great compared to what some of our other fields are.  

Some farmers are looking at an empty field because they just could not get the seed in the ground this spring.

This has been one of the hardest years for farming – This phrase is being said way too much. So much that many don’t hear the truth of the statement.

We were weeks behind in planting due to rain. Then we had even more rain.
Finally, after tirelessly working in between the rains the seed was in the ground.

Once the corn was up and growing we had a stretch of drought to the point that the corn was curling and the thought passed through our mind – would there be rain soon enough to save the corn?

Prayers were being sent heaven ward to extend the growing season so the corn would have a chance to mature.

Throughout the growing period some farms lost growing fields of crops because of hailstorms. Others through flooding of the fields.

In faith, farmers sowed the seeds.

In faith, farmers prayed for dry weather and sunshine.

In faith, farmers prayed for rain.

In faith, farmers prayed for protection over their crops during storms.

In faith, farmers kept moving forward.

It’s harvest time. Will faith be fulfilled?

For us, in this field, we have fulfilled faith. Not all farmers can say that, nor can we for all our fields. Or, can we?

Our human ability to have faith sometimes relies on what we can see. It relies on having the results turn out the way we rehearsed.

Some farmers had faith that their farm would stand for another year, yet they had to close their barn doors. Is that failed faith?

Standing in a hail driven, beaten down corn field doesn’t shout faith fulfilled.

Yet, once we get past our expectations of what faith fulfilled should look like and get over our disappointments and grief, many times faith fulfilled comes through.

I’ve spoken to many, who sent their last cow away, say that in time all is well. God came through. Life continued and for many it was better than before.

There are so many scenarios of faith fulfilled. My picture will be different than yours. We should never hang our pictures side by side and compare.

For us, this field, this time, faith fulfilled in the manor we personally wanted.

Next field, next time, faith will be fulfilled – perhaps not our version and it may take time for us to see it, but our faith stands on this platform – God has NEVER failed us yet.

Please continue to pray for farmers everywhere.