Merging Mayhem


The one “field” job I do is merging hay.

I normally enjoy it.

There is great satisfaction seeing something get accomplished.

Today, I was in the field with my son and grandson. Three generations working together – I sorta felt like I was Amish.

All is fun in merging until you have to pee.

And, if you don’t have the “convenient plumbing” it’s a challenge.


This field had woods on one end and houses on the other and flanked on both sides with other fields.


No problem, just drive back by the woods and hide behind the tractor tire.

Easy for you to say.

And, years ago I would have thought the same.

The issue is trail cams. You just never know where they are. I really didn’t want to be the butt (yes, I went there) of my neighbor's jokes or stories about what they found on their trail camera. Trail cams are hard to spot especially when you only have a small window to pee before the chopper or wagon comes rolling by. And, they know what you’re doing because you go from merging the rows together to heading over to the corner where there is no hay down.

When I know I have to merge I plan accordingly. No fluids for 12 hours prior. No fluids in the tractor. That plan works pretty good until I get a little whoozy from dehydration.

Besides the trail cam dilemma there is also the fear of jumping bugs. You need to know your bugs. How high can they jump and how low should you squat?

Yes, this is a real issue – nothing to laugh about.

For us farm-hers peeing in the field is comparable to men having to pee on stage under a spot light. Think about it.

My son's creativity.

My son's creativity.