Stop, Look, Listen and Pray

The other day Farmer was out merging hay across the road from us. I went out to hang sheets on the line and I could see the merger on the far side of the hill – just the top of the tractor. And it wasn’t moving.

So, I stopped and listened to see if I could hear anything. Watching for movement and listening to the machinery have become second nature. I couldn’t hear the tractor running because it was too far away, but then I saw the chopper come over the rise so I knew he wasn’t alone in the field.

It brought me back many years ago before cell phones when Farmer would be out – especially late at night in the dark.

I would go to bed and wake up every 20-30 minutes or so, walk to the window where I could see him and wait to make sure the tractor was moving. My greatest fear was that something would happen to him while he was out there alone.

Through the years, I’ve done this many times. Step outside and listen if I couldn’t see the lights. You soon learn to hear the “correct” sound of the machinery.

One time he was in a field about a mile away, around midnight and I just had to know if he was OK. Then I had another dilemma. Do I wake a sleeping baby to drive over and check or can I risk leaving the baby in bed while I quick run?

The second option won out. It was a record breaking mile run to see the lights moving back and forth in the field.

Now, with technology, it is so simple to just give a call.

Back then I think there was a lot more praying happening. Now, sadly, we depend on the phone for our answers – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when our first thoughts of help are a phone, google or Facebook I think our faith legs are weakening.

I recall hearing someone say, “I wish there was an app to help find lost things.”

I can’t count the times I’ve misplaced something and asked God to help me find it. Usually in a short period of time the item shows up.

We google every ache and pain and self-diagnose. Then we look for an alternative remedy when God is standing there watching (and probably having a laugh or two) and available to help and heal if we would just ask.

Waiting for someone to “like” or comment has become a measure of self-worth for some. There “ain’t no nothing” you can do raise your self worth. Your worth is found in the blood of Jesus. You are valuable because of him, his love of you and his death for you.

Am I suggesting we toss the phones and pack up technology?

By no means. Farming has improved leaps and bounds because of technology. We are feeding more people with less.

How about taking a break now and then? Instead of checking your social media of choice or email, check in with Jesus.