Where Has All the Kindness Gone, Long Time Passing?

There seems to be a lot of conversations about bullying these days. We are telling our kids we must be aware of other’s feelings. We tell them it isn’t acceptable to be mean and hurtful. There are also some well-known celebrities that are spokes persons for this – which is great.

But, you don’t have to look or listen too far to hear and see total disrespect and verbal bashing from adults about our President or other government officials. Let’s not stop there though. I can listen to some awful commentary on gays, Christians, immigrants and just about any other group of people.

Why is it so hard for people to be decent?

What happened to kindness?

When did having a different opinion become permission to annihilate another human being?

A well-known vulgar comedian – whom I will not give space to here has stooped to an all-time low by using her creativity to bash the President by holding up a likeness of his head covered in blood. Tell me how this can be funny on any level.

Back to the “rules” at school. My grandson had to remove a T-shirt that had Michigan on it with a likeness of a gun. It offended a teacher.

A nearby township was fighting to keep a Christmas crèche because of a complaint from one person.

We teach it at schools and preach it at church to be kind and respectful. Why in the world are we not living it as adults?

Hypocrisy at its finest. Any kid can turn on the television to any station and hear someone bashing someone within a very short period of time.

Elementary children are reciting dialogue heard at home that would never ever come into their thoughts let alone out of their mouths.

It’s time to grow up, stand up, clean up and follow the expectations we put on children. There are school aged kids who are more courteous and civil in their conversations than well-educated adults in high places.

One small act of kindness could be the first step on a bridge to bringing two opposing ideas together. We can co-exist with various opinions. Kindness can thrive in differences.

Different isn’t bad, it’s . . . just different. Are we so fearful of new avenues of thinking that we have to defend our view to the point of massacring the views of others?

If you peel back the layer of skin on every person you will find a likeness.  We all pump blood from our hearts. We all feel pain. We all have a brain to use.

Let’s purpose to use our brain to create a space that opens our hearts to stop the pain.

Let’s make our kids proud of us.