Some See Dirt, I See Promise

To some this is a piece of dirt. A field. A view of the country side while driving along.

When I look at this I see so much more.

I see:

Hours and hours of picking up rocks, cleaning up saplings, roots and everything not soil. Days and days of eating dirt while clearing this piece of land.

I see the grandkids covered in dust from picking up rocks, eating pizza off the back of the pick-up, drinking gator aide to wash the dust and pizza down.

I see the tractor going around one more time to disk the soil into submission for the corn to be planted.

I see my son at 2:00am bouncing in the tractor while using his touch pad computers to keep things running smoothly.

I see the promise of new, green sprouts soon to appear that will tower over us all in a short few months.

I see fall leaves and the combine chewing through the fields spilling the river of corn into the waiting trucks.

I see breakfast, lunch and dinner for our BEBs (Brown Eyed Bossies) that will eventually produce our final product that doesn’t pay us enough to barely break even right now.

Some see dirt.

I see faith, hope and a future that is sustained unbelievably by God alone.