Fires in Kansas - Does it Affect You?


We didn’t know there were fires.

Those are the statements I am receiving from my local news after sharing links such as this.

It saddens me that these fires that are ripping lives apart are not making the news. I will bet that if a well know celebrity had a house fire the whole world would hear about it.

So, I decided to bring it to the attention of my local news on their face book pages. I had some good responses and informed a few who were sympathetic to this horrific news.

At least some.

This is the remark left by one reader: um, because it's in Kansas? you've posted this link on a TV station in Grand Rapids, MI -- just an fyi

It’s a good thing I have learned to restrain myself.

This was my response: Yes I know I posted in Grand Rapids but I feel like we all should know what's going on out there since we all depend on farmers. Also there may be some people here who might like to help them out.

 Anyway, this got me thinking. Most people have no idea how this is all connected to each of us. As a blogger I keep trying to show and tell farm life and how it all works.

Way too many of us pay little or no attention to how much agriculture plays in our life. Many people have a romantic idea of farm life. Milk a few cows, bale some hay, gather eggs and slop the hogs. Once those simple chores are done we all go in and have a big belly busting dinner.

Simple fact: People do not know what they do not know.

It’s up to farmers to speak, show and tell how, why, when and what happens on the farm.

I have a friend who is a beef farmer in Kansas. Thankfully they have escaped the fires but have an insight to how this will affect us all.

The beef we raise here in Kansas winds up on dinner plates in every nook and cranny of the entire US...including Grand Rapids Michigan. So yeah it will have an effect on everyone who eats beef. Cattle prices on the board of trade jumped a dollar and a half per hundred today...could potentially raise the price of beef in the stores.

For anyone reading this that is not a farmer I ask that you become curious enough to look for avenues to learn more about how your food is grown. And please, please, please get it from someone who does it for a living. I guarantee you a farmer will know much more about farming practices than any specialty group spokesperson or celebrity that happens to have a food related opinion. That’s what it is, an opinion.

If you have any inkling of a desire to help, please read this. There are many places to send donations.

We are all in this – LIFE – together so let’s work together, care together, serve together, love together and make this a better place together.