Catie Cordero, Author

Catie Cordero is a passionate storyteller. She has published two children’s books—The Magic Snow Globe and Superhero Levi, along with her historical fiction novel, which takes place in the 1920’s— Ramble and Roar.

On March 22, her 1920’s sequel releases called Marvel and Mayhem. This story places readers on a farm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and delves into the 1920’s farmer’s recession.

Catie’s books combine humor, action, and genuine characters that will resonate with the readers long after they flip the last page. In 2017, she founded her own publishing imprint called Flywheel Books. She has a desire to inspire wonder and imagination through stories.

She resides in West Michigan with her husband and two children on their small hobby farm. She believes in the virtue of country life and supporting local farmers. Raise a glass of milk and toast a farmer today!

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