Wednesday, August 27, 2014

REWIND WEDNESDAY from August 2012 - Toddler and Tiara Turmoils

Here’s your challenge.

Prove to me; give me one, one good reason for child pageants.

In my attempts to bore myself to sleep I have stumbled upon “Toddlers and Tiaras” program on TLC.

This program exposes the child pageant’s behind the scenes and the competition. It is horrendous at its best.

Children from infants to teens are paraded, judged and ogled in front of rooms full of people and now any home in America.

It would seem to me to be the perfect draw for pedophiles, perverts and child molesters.

Here is a short list of what you need in order to compete.

Besides your child, you need:

               Butt glue
               Cupcake dress
               Curling iron, flattening iron, hot rollers
               Fake eyelashes
               Fake nails
               Fake hair – falls and wiglets
               Flippers – fake teeth
               Foam heads for your fake hair when not wearing it.
               Glue guns to glue all the rhinestones on the clothing
               Make up
               Sewing kits
               Shoe covers to prevent scuffing
               Skim shimmer
               Spray tan
               Hairspray – never enough of that.

You can add in eyebrow waxing, teeth bleaching head shots, gymnastics, dance lessons and more.

Parents are carrying their infants across the stage holding them up, tipping and turning them for the judges to determine if they are good enough.

“Her hair was not up to par. The dress could have been better. The makeup was amateur” are some responses the judges have given.

Then there is the prancing, dancing and poses. Several which are highly sexual. It seems none of the kids can do this without the moms and or dads out in the audience coaching them by showing them each move.

Boys are included too. I haven’t seen a lot of what they are supposed to be accomplishing.

The parents spend $1000s on dresses, shoes, makeup artist, hair dressers and the list of items I provided earlier. The winners receive trophies, ribbons, crowns and a few receive money. The dollar amount never equals the amount spent.

Oh, and yeah, the kids need to stay “up and perky and full of personality”. Pixy straws (straws filled with sugar candy) which are nicknamed pageant crack are dumped into these kids nonstop. Add in other recipes such as one mother’s drink which is Red Bull mixed with Mountain Dew and watch and wait for the meltdowns to begin.

What in heaven’s name are they teaching their children?

This is the message I am hearing. “Here honey, lets change everything about you. You can have fake hair, fake nails, fake teeth, fake skin, fake eyelashes and you have to move just so. Walk this way, turn that way and for crying out loud don’t stop smiling. When you can do all of this and these few people sitting behind the table in front of you, who don’t really care two hoots about you, that you will probably never meet again, that are no different than anyone else walking down the street deem you ‘good enough’ then you win.”

One definition of prostitute is: somebody who uses a skill or ability in a way that is considered unworthy, usually for financial gain.

I would loosely say that the TLC network is guilty of prostitution. Loosely because there isn’t much skill in glamming up, but TLC is definitely using the situation for financial gain or you can bet your bottom tiara it wouldn’t be on their program line up.

I have no clue for the reasons behind the parents desire to willingly put their children through this.

Daily Ordinary for August 27, 2014

Celebrate the letter E. The letter E on my laptop keyboard 
is worn off. I noticed that when I was reading a small 
devotional that I read each morning as the computer boots up. 
It got me wondering if we use the letter E more than any other vowel. So, I took 3 verses and counted out the vowels. 
The combined count of the three verses are: A - 21, E - 28, I - 14, 
O - 17 and U - 17. So, in this experiment the Es have it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Precious Fallen Heroes - Please Pray for Their Families

This past week I met 2 WWII vets in a parking lot of a grocery store. I shook their hands and told them "thank you". What an honor.  Today I was in front of another WWII vet in line at McDonalds. I knew he was a WWII vet because of his hat and age. I paid for his order and when he found out he honked and waved. These fallen heroes listed here - men and women will not have the privilege of growing old. We have so many blessing because of these men and women and others like them. Please, let's not forget - ever.

"Why, What and Where" Debut

I’m starting a new series that I’ve been working on for some time called “Why, What and Where?”

So many things we do on the farm are common place to us while to others peaks their curiosity. We’re all about show and tell and helping the consumer connect with the farm and farmer.

I hope to enlist the help of my fellow Ag Sisters and their experiences as the series grows.

Today for the first installment I will answer a “What”.

“What are those tags in the cow’s ears?”

We use several different tags to identify the cows. When a heifer (a female calf/cow before she gives birth) is born we use a self locking metal ear tag with identification numbers that are entered into the computer that will identify her. We use these as a back up to the yellow tags that are more visible. Sometimes the yellow tags can get caught or pulled off by objects in their environment (such as a gate, etc.) but the metal tags are pretty secure.

We use smaller yellow tags on strings around the neck of the young calves for a few days because the heaviness of the larger ones can cause their ears to droop.

Notice the name Million? That is the name of the father of this calf.
Also, notice the self-locking metal tag in the same ear.
When the calves are a little older we put the larger yellow tag in their ears which is their permanent number. That number is entered into the computer and the tag stays with the animal their whole life on our farm.

When a bull calf is born we tag them with an RFID tag – Radio Frequency Identification. Each tag has a visual number – a premise ID number that is associated with our farm. That number is embedded in the tag and can be read by a reader.

It’s a law that any animal that leaves the farm must have an RFID tag to identify it and connect it to the farm where the cow originates. Since the bull calves leave within a few days, we tag them at birth.

If and when we sell a heifer or cow they must have a RFID tag also. We don’t tag them until they are ready to leave because each tag costs $2.30 and possibly they can be lost and then you have to retag the animal. It’s much more efficient to tag them as they leave the farm.

On a farm tour my son was giving, a pre-schooler raised his hand and asked “Farmer Dan, why do the cows have price tags?” And, now you know.

If you have any specific question you’d like answered leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to address it if I haven’t already.

Daily Ordinary for August 26, 2014

Celebrate excitement. My youngest wigglie can light up 
like a birthday cake with 100 candles when he is given or 
shown something. After witnessing this I told my son it's a 
shame as grown ups we don't react the same way with the blessings God gives us. Every morning we are able to get out of 
bed we should be full of excitement and joy.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Daily Ordinary for August 25, 2014

Celebrate a messy house. I love getting up on Monday mornings to survey the Sunday activities. This morning recliner chairs kicked back, blanket and pillows out of place, toys on the floor in the playroom, the pool deck railings draped with towels, underwear on the back porch are a few of the evidences.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Daily Ordinary for August 23, 2014

Celebrate warm breezes. I so enjoy when the warm breezes 
chase away the early morning dew. It makes the flowers 
dance and the wind chimes sing.

Celebrate the ordinary

Today is the only day you have. Don't wish it away, worry it away or plan it away. Your ordinary days add up to life.

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