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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ag Education Fun

A few months ago I received a call from a teacher from our area school. He asked me if I wanted to be a part of a project with 6th graders. Several businesses would be interviewed and the students would create a display for a gallery walk that would be voted on by peers, faculty, parents and guests.

I eagerly accepted. Anytime I can share the truth about Ag I do.

Our first meeting was a month ago. I have never been to one of these so I had no idea what to expect. 

I met with four students. Two boys and two girls. They came prepared with notebooks and questions. I had a few notes of my own that I wanted to share. It was interesting to interact with these kids. Two were talkative and took notes and the other two were quieter but also engaged. 

We discussed everything they wanted to know and I left them information that was important to us as owners of the farm.

Over the next three weeks I received emails asking for more information or certain types of pictures.

A week ago we met again to do fact checking. 

They brought an info sheet that they created. I had very few corrections. They listened well. We discussed a few ways to display the pictures I sent them. I also brought in bags of our mixed rations that they could display. They were all very excited and invested.

I asked the teacher if I could bring milk and cookies since milk was our product. She agreed.

During the week I received another email from them asking if I thought it would be OK for them to wear plaid shirts and jeans. I was impressed they thought about that detail.

I surprised them this morning and gave them each one of the T-shirts I designed and sell.

This morning I came with the cookies and milk and they had their board all set up - it looked great.

As people stopped I listened and was so pleased. They divided up certain areas that each would speak about. They highlighted every single thing I expressed that was important to us – family, hard work, love of our animals, great employees, safe food and highlighted our mission statement.

They poured the milk and kept the cookie plate filled.

I wandered around to the other exhibits and there were a lot there that did a great job as well.

Most of the time I sat back and observed my gang of kids. Over and over again I was so proud of them.

Tonight I was telling Farmer about it and said I was so proud of myself that I didn’t jump in and do all the work for 
them – they did it themselves.

I just received an email that our group tied for 1st place out of the top 10 and will go on to be judged – not sure what the end 
result will be but will keep you posted.

I’m so proud of these kids and the great job they did.


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