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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Ever Evolving Conscious of A Farm Wife

An apology is being offered. My apology to fellow farmers.

Plain and simple I posted something that was less than harmonious among farmers. That was wrong.
To clarify – that was not my intent.

To begin with I have no problem admitting I was wrong and more importantly my desire is to correct the wrong. This is my attempt. I will do so without trying to make excuses.

I had just returned from a farm seminar where we had a consumer’s panel that gave opinions and answered questions about food and farming. Our purpose in the audience was to listen and learn, not to correct or defend. It was extremely informative and somewhat frustrating to see their confusion concerning food, farming and production. We all left the session with the desire to do a better job to inform those who purchase what we work so hard to deliver.

As a farmer we are seeing more and more deceitful advertising and marketing that, to say the least, is confusing. Wait a minute, that last sentence still sounds like it is against the food producer. Perhaps a better way is to say - the specialty groups who have an agenda to discontinue animal food source does a great job in confusing.  It lends fear to the decision making of buying food for our families. The voices of who are behind this are louder and have more money pushing it than those of us who are trying to provide food for our families and those who live in our communities.

On to my post. I was shopping at a “warehouse” store that is changing more and more with less options of food.

I needed eggs and this is what they had to offer. So, I guess it all came together and I saw an opportunity to try to clarify. In doing so, I damaged a whole segment of agriculture that is a viable choice. The way in which I posted did not convey the message I wanted to share – which was no fault but my own.

Later in the day I was called out by Amanda from Missouri. I have never met Amanda. She follows me on my face book page A Farm Wife. She was right in doing so and it opened my eyes. I am grateful for her honesty. And, she did so in a kind non-attacking way that was helpful for me to hear.

If I could go back in time I would post the picture with this:
Here are two choices of eggs. Both are safe and nutritious. A conventionally grown egg is just as safe and nutritious. There is no right or wrong, just options of choice.

My desire is that my apology is understood, accepted by farmers and that my correction and intent are comprehended by all. Mostly, to help all of us understand and educate to make food choices that fit us personally.

Fear and confusion should not be an ingredient in our attempt to feed our families.


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